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What Is Enterprise Software?

December 18, 2019
business software development

Enterprise software has become somewhat of a buzzword in the business software development industry. Used as a solution to meet the needs of an organization as opposed to the needs of the individual, enterprise software is developed to meet the demands of a specific business goal. Often working in tandem with and/or around new or existing systems, enterprise software is custom by design in its ability to support or solve the issues of an organization.

What is an enterprise?

An enterprise can be defined as a unit or entity of economic organization. These organizations are large, and encompass multiple departments, activities and functions. This is in contrast to a self-employed entrepreneur or a small business. Examples of an enterprise are levels or sectors of government, medium-to-large size companies, school systems, and non-profit organizations.

Why do organizations choose enterprise software?

Many enterprises (organizations) are composed of employees who require access to information in order to perform their everyday duties. This can include anything from sales, customer service, production operations, etc. Enterprise software allows for all the organization’s employees to access information simultaneously, while also providing large-scale solutions for employees across all departments.

What are the benefits of enterprise software?

There are a number of key benefits that make enterprise software favourable for business software development.




The number one benefit of opting for enterprise software is that it is fully capable of interacting with existing software systems and tools used to perform regular organization operations. Enterprise software can be custom developed to fill the gaps – leading to a more seamless communication across all organization sectors.




Opting for enterprise development can allow you to optimize every aspect of your organization’s operations for more productive and efficient outcomes. Enterprise software can enhance the performance of every department by streamlining communication between different organization sectors.




The ability for enterprise software to compensate for rapid growth is a favourable benefit when it comes to business software development. Enterprise software should be able to mitigate the needs of development, and drop-offs in performance. The ability for software development to scale accordingly is why so many organizations favour enterprise software, and is what sets enterprise software apart from regular software.

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