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3 Prevalent Myths About Cloud-Based Manufacturing Software

August 04, 2022
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Custom ERP software is taking the manufacturing world by storm, with many companies opting for this tool to ease their operations. However, there are multiple ways to use an ERP system. One can either use a full-fledged off-the-shelf software or go for a third-party vendor and use the software on a subscription basis. In the latter case, most companies opt for a cloud-based system to store and operate their manufacturing software. Furthermore, there are plenty of prevailing myths about such cloud-based manufacturing software that need to be debunked. Here are 3 such misconceptions about them. 


Myths pertaining to cloud-based ERP software.

1. The software is less secure than off-the-shelf software

If a company has a dedicated server base, intranet service, a separate IT department for troubleshooting and an encrypted connection, then it is undoubtedly more secure than its cloud-based counterpart. However, most small companies don’t have facilities, making their in-house system vulnerable to data leaks and hacking. Alternatively, using cloud-based software actually offers more security as there is a dedicated team to manage its encryption.


2. Cloud-based software is not very accessible

The argument here is that since this manufacturing software is dependent on an internet connection, it might not be completely accessible all the time. On the contrary, most ERP and manufacturing software can be easily accessed even with mobile data, as phones are universal at this point. Moreover, investing in a secure internet network in the workspace can also go a long way to avoiding all minor connection problems. 


3. Too much reliance on the vendor is unadvisable

In this context, too much reliance translates to a scenario where the vendor offering the services goes bankrupt or out of business. Therefore, all data and investment that went into the ERP system will be wasted. However, this is rather the case for legacy software than cloud-based ones. When a business purchases off-the-shelf software and the company which made it closes shop, then there is no way to upgrade the software. Hence, a business might end up spending thousands and be forced to contend with outdated software. Cloud-based systems, on the other hand, are growing in popularity due to their convenience and customizable nature. Thus, it’s quite unlikely that a SaaS vendor will go out of business anytime soon.


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