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Forecasting, Inventory Management And Supply Chain

May 09, 2022
ERP systems

A well-oiled supply chain is of utmost importance in today's interdependent world. We all know that any disruption to the supply chain in one part of the world can significantly lead to massive shortages in the other. The COVID-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc on global supply chains has got corporations rethinking their strategies. It is an obvious fact that all the existing supply chains were flawed and had cracks that cannot be ignored.

Forecasting and inventory management are two solutions that can ensure an uninterrupted supply chain. ERP systems are greatly beneficial to corporates when it comes to forecasting and inventory management.


Let's briefly discuss how ERP software can help manage supply chains.

ERP systems use artificial intelligence to make accurate forecasts that can go a long way in helping corporates better manage their supply chain. Such systems can use historical and present performance data to forecast correctly. One of the significant benefits of ERP software is that it helps in inventory optimization, thus reducing wastages or damages, along with ensuring maximum profit. It shares critical data between different departments of your business and helps in identifying the most profitable product. 


Once you get an idea about the products that bring in the most income, you can dedicate more resources towards ensuring their uninterrupted manufacturing and supply. This forecast can help the different departments in your business plan better to not only meet their current targets but to deal with future contingencies or market fluctuations. Here are some departments that can benefit from ERP software.

  • Production
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchasing


Smart algorithms in ERP software also help manage purchases and procurement of raw materials. The software can help businesses figure out what to order when to order, and how much to order with accuracy. 

You can rely on Vestra Inet for developing a custom ERP system suitable for your specific business. We can develop a system for you that can help with forecasting and inventory management, thus helping your business grow. Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of services.

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