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3 Digital Marketing Trends for Right Now

July 02, 2019
SEO in Toronto

There is no denying that the realm of digital marketing has experienced evolutionary shifts over the past years. With the unprecedented rise in social media and the predominance and innovation of popular search engines like Google, digital marketers have shifted their strategy in accordance with these changes. SEO in Toronto is no exception to these changes, having had to adopt to consumer channel popularity and demand.




With that in mind, trends are exactly that – trends, a general direction in which digital marketing is headed (that is – for the time being). Today we’ll discuss 3 digital marketing trends prevalent right now.

SEO in Toronto

0-Click Result Optimization

Who knew 2019 would be the era of 0-click search results?! If you’re unsure as to what this nifty search engine snippet is, it is a search result where Google provides the best possible answer to your query as an automated snippet response.


Why is this important? Because 61.8% of search results in Google are 0-click search results. Answering commonly asked questions in your content is one way to become 0-click result snippet, which is especially relevant for those looking to rank up their SEO in Toronto.

SEO in Toronto

Voice Search Optimization

20% of all Google searches are conducted via voice search, and with over 70% of mobile users using voice assistants like Siri on their phones – optimizing your content for voice search would be a useful and necessary step to reaching prospective clients and will lead to better SEO in Toronto.

SEO in Toronto

Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing is still as effective as ever. Billions of businesses still use this channel to speak to their audience. But like everything on the Internet, email marketing is constantly evolving. Generic emails aren’t going to cut it, and more personalized emails tend to be more effective when assessing conversion rates. Either way, there’s no doubt that email marketing is still a fundamental element to a business’s digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing is Constantly Changing

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is in a constant state of flux. Sticking to primarily old-school strategies isn’t going to get you as far as it used to. Being aware and adapting accordingly to new and upcoming trends and changes is what will set your business’s digital marketing strategy apart from competitors.

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