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How Your Business Can Benefit from SEO While Protecting its Data

January 28, 2019
SEO company in Toronto

As a leading SEO company in Toronto, one of the main services we provide is Search Engine Optimization. The purpose of SEO is to maximize the number of visitors to your business’ website by making the website easy to pick up by a search engine, like Google. Our goal is to have your website at the top of the list of results returned by a search engine. A very important aspect of SEO is building a social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. There are risks, however, that come with creating and using social media accounts for your business.   


In recognition of Data Privacy Day and our role as an SEO company in Toronto, we are using this blog as an opportunity to educate businesses on how to protect their data while making the most out of social media marketing. Data Privacy Day is celebrated in Canada, the US, Israel and many countries in Europe. It was originated in Europe as Data Protection Day in 2007, and expanded its reach to Canada and the US in the following year. Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28th as it was on this day in 1981 that Convention 108 was signed—which is the first legally binding international treaty on privacy and data protection. The day is meant to raise awareness of the influence of technology and the ever-growing presence of social media on the privacy rights of individuals, federal institutions and businesses. Everyone is encouraged to take steps to protect their personal information on the web.


The need for a day of data privacy awareness is evident, as many people are still unaware of how their personal information is being collected and used when they browse the internet or use email. Security risks are heightened for businesses because they retain confidential information for a number of clients. Navigating social media can also be tricky for a business or a SEO company in Toronto. Social media account managers may not personally know every follower of the business; businesses should be wary of direct messages on social media that could lead to hacking or phishing scams. Here is a list of steps your business should take to protect its data:


  • Install anti-malware on all office computers


  • Use strong account passwords that incorporate numbers, symbols and capital letters, or use a password generator


  • Use a different password for each social media account


  • Review account privacy settings regularly as configurations are reset after updates occur


An SEO company in Toronto should have a trained team of social media and SEO specialists who have the knowledge and skill to protect their clients’ confidential information. Only designated staff members should be in charge of social media accounts, and these staff should be trained to detect security threats, have a system of approvals for social media posts and have a company social media policy to ensure that confidentiality rules are followed. Vestra Inet is a trusted SEO company in Toronto because we take every measure to protect our clients' information while boosting their social media presence. In honour of Data Privacy Day, take some time today to follow one or more of the steps listed above to increase the cybersecurity of your business. A small effort can go a long way when it comes to protecting your data.

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