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Why the Best SEO Companies Avoid Keyword Stuffing

July 19, 2017

Keyword stuffing is the act of writing content for pages on websites and in blog posts that have a very high keyword density. Any self-respecting SEO company in Toronto will strongly advise you against doing this. It is a common misconception that the number of instances of a keyword within a block of text directly translates to higher rankings in search engines. In most cases, the exact opposite is true –stuffing your pages with keywords could be detrimental to your SEO efforts.

Google Values Quality Over Quantity

One of the primary targets of SEO efforts is Google. The search engine is easily the most popular in the world, with over a billion searches run on it every day. The algorithms that determine the ranking of a web page on the engine prioritize the quality of the content on that page over the number of keywords within it. Spamming keywords will result in an almost immediate red flag of the page by Google’s algorithms.

Backlinks are for Quality Content

Modern SEO is heavily reliant on backlinks from authority websites on the internet. The more hard-hitting editors link back to you, the better your website appears to Google’s parameters. Editors are real people, who have years of experience in their respective industries and know when an article is being stuffed for SEO purposes. Editors are far less likely to link back to your pages and articles when they spot stuffing because they automatically assume that you favour quantity over quality.


Professional SEO companies in Toronto are usually skilled in the art of keyword insertion. With a focus on usability over keyword density, these companies know what they’re doing and do it well. It pays to remember that stuffing your content with your chosen keywords is never a good idea.

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