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The Search Engine Optimization Conferences in Toronto Worth Attending

February 22, 2017

One of the best methods you can pursue to expand your knowledge in SEO is by attending live events and conferences. Doing so allows you to ask questions from more knowledgeable SEOs that are local to you, and also potentially network and develop relationships with other SEOs that may be able to benefit your own projects in mutual ways.


The Search Engine Optimization Conferences in Toronto Worth Attending is something every local SEO specialist should consider. Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada and does attract a significant search presence. While there may be a lot of events out there, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly which search engine optimization conferences in Toronto in 2017 are worth attending at all.


Below, we’ve outlined a few options of search conferences coming up in Toronto this year that may offer some value to you or your company:


Digimarcon Canada

Date: May 18th to 19th 2017
Toronto Mariott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel


Digimarcon offers speakers on a wide variety of SEO focused topics, and is one of the best conferences to attend for a holistic view of SEO. They offer many categories of speakers including some only tangentially related to SEO including Content Strategy, Web Experience Management, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, and other topics. As a digital marketing focused conference, this a great opportunity to network locally and meet other Toronto search engine optimization specialists who may be willing to work with you in the future.


Digital Media Summit

Date: April 19th 2017
Sheraton Centre

The Digital Media Summit is a digital marketing and search engine optimization conference that is quite similar to Digimarcon mentioned above. For differences, the Digital Media Summit features a great selection of American speakers along with interactive workshops and other content that lets you get a bit more out of the experience than just watching a simple keynote. One of the other bigger advantages of the Digital Media Summit is that it takes place over a single day. The entire day is jam packed with content and you will have many opportunities to network and mingle in between major events. Personally, it’s much easier to be active and attentive for a single day conference compared to events that can potentially drag on a bit too long over multiple days and sap your energy.


Inbound Con

Date: September~

While the date and location for the Inbound Con event has yet to be finalized, this is also one of the bigger digital marketing conferences we would recommend attending. As another single-day event, there is a wide variety of speakers and networking opportunities available. For advertising or marketing niches, there is an exceptional amount of great information available here. While this conference may be a bit pricier than the other two listed, the price definitely reflects the quality of the event and we felt it prudent to include it here despite the incomplete logistics.


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