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What an SEO Company in Toronto Should Do For You

May 11, 2015
SEO company in Toronto

Every day you’ll come across falsehoods about SEO (search engine optimization):


“SEO is dead.”

“SEO is a new tactic.”

“SEO has always been the same.”


All three of the above statements are false. Ask an SEO company in Toronto that knows what it’s doing. Everyone in the company will tell you that:


  1. SEO is NOT dead. It never has been and while online experiences and communications are apart of people’s everyday lives, SEO will not die.
  2. SEO is not a new tactic. It just hasn’t been known by many businesses until now to be an effective tactic to bring customers closer to their business. Every year more small businesses and even big brands start to see the importance of incorporating SEO into their business plan, otherwise their competitors win.
  3. SEO has come a long way from the end of the 20th century. If you’ve heard of keyword stuffing, cloaking, link farms, or duplicate content, that means you know outdated SEO techniques, often characterized as “black-hat” SEO tactics today. Someone who employs “white-hat” SEO tactics takes into account not only search engine algorithm changes but their human audience as well. Creating content for people is what Google and other search engines wants to see and will rank your site higher.


If an SEO company in Toronto approaches you who tells you that they can rank your business on the first page in search engines immediately or within a few a weeks, it’s best to steer clear from that company because SEO takes a while, no matter how great of a site or piece of content you have.


A big reason for this is that Google goes through anywhere from 500-600 algorithm changes every year with a few major ones that businesses actually notice. So on average, there’s an algorithm change at least once every day of the year.


Your site doesn’t have to be affected by those changes if you use the right SEO tactics. A good SEO company in Toronto should teach you this, along with the correct SEO tactics to use.


You should find an SEO company that shows you exactly how the process will go and is not afraid to tell you that your site might fluctuate and that SEO is an investment that will not see immediate results. But if you don’t start using SEO now, it’ll only be more difficult for your business to compete with others later. 

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