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How to implement the Deming cycle using production management software

July 04, 2022
production management software

When it comes to production management, the Deming cycle is an essential tool for quality control. Also known as the PDCA cycle (plan-do-check-act), the Deming cycle can be used to continually improve processes and products. 

A production management software can be a great help in implementing the Deming cycle by automating many of the tasks involved in production management. A production management software can help streamline the process and makes it more efficient. 


There are four steps in the Deming cycle: 

  • Plan: Identify the goals and objectives of the process or product, and plan how to achieve them.
  • Do: Implement the plan and collect data on results.
  • Check: Analyze the data to see if the goals and objectives were met.
  • Act: Make changes based on the results of the analysis.


Deming cycle & production management software

The production management software can help with all four steps of the Deming cycle. In the planning stage, production management software can be used to create production schedules and track inventory levels. It will help you identify common and repetitive mistakes at the first level of production itself.

In the implementation stage, production management software can be used to track progress and monitor for problems. 

In the checking stage, production management software can be used to generate reports on performance. These reports can be referred to in the future to facilitate better planning and management.

Finally, in the Act stage, production management software can be used to make changes to production processes. By using production management software to implement the Deming cycle, businesses can improve their production processes and products, resulting in better quality control.

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