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TCT Graphic Products

Inventory management and CRM system with full ecommerce solution

Intelligent inventory management

One of the main features of the TCT system is the intelligent inventory management system. This system is completely automated and provides real-time updates to the stock levels within the company. They cater to a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, so they have a large stock warehouse. To maintain accurate records, the inventory management system automatically updates the levels as and when orders are placed. There is also a web interface for easier interaction with the system. Dashboards are available to request information on stock levels.

Online ordering system

Customers can place their orders online without having to interact with anyone in the company. They can browse through the available products, select whatever they want, add them to the online cart, and order the products as well. Customers can see the prices of the products they order as well. This online ordering system allows the inventory management system to work automatically too, since they are linked.

Client margins

TCT Graphics can set their own pricing margins. They can log into the system and use the easy interface to change how the pricing structure for each of their products works. TCT is always in complete control of all their margins including exchange rates and other factors. This allows them to have control over their profits and their bottom line regardless of the state of the economy.

Quantity discount calculator

An intelligent pricing calculator is a part of the online ordering and ecommerce system. This calculates the price of the selected products for each customer in real time as they shop through the TCT catalogue. The calculator also factors in discounts. These discounts are set up by TCT using their custom margins. The quantity of products allows for each customer to enjoy a discount based on how many products are ordered in one go.

Dedicated customer logins

Customers gain their own login spaces. These logins allow them to have a personal account for their purchases. They can shop and save items to their cart, and come back later to close the order. Having dedicated logins also allows the system to remember the order history for each registered customer. Promotions and discounts can be applied to a customer account based on loyalty or order history.

Ecommerce system

A complete ecommerce solution rounds out the online ordering system and the pricing calculator. Customers can pay for their ordered products online, without having to interact with the company physically. This makes ordering far more convenient for customers who don’t have the time to come to TCT or make their payments in any other way. The order system features end-to-end order processing, meaning a customer can track their order from when it is placed to when the product arrives.
Inventory management
Inventory management
Inventory management

About TCT Graphic Products and background information

TCT Graphics is a leading supplier of cut vinyl films, laminate products, and other signage products in Canada. With over 20 years of experience in the field under its belt, TCT has risen to the top of the industry with a name for quality and customer service. It is focused on economic signage products delivered on time to industrial and commercial clients across the country.

TCT Graphics Products was in need of better client communications and inventory control, as everything was done manually. Their customers were unable to customize products the way they wanted. They were also unable to conduct business online, and there was no order system worth speaking of. This resulted in a lowered sales volume. Since the inventory was updated manually, there were many errors and added expenses as a result.

  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Customer margins
  • Quantity discount calculator
  • Dedicated client logins
  • Ecommerce system
  • Online ordering system
  • Advanced pricing control system
  • Dedicated client logins with custom pricing margins
  • Discount calculator based on order quantity
  • Web-based inventory control system for real-time updates and dashboards with stock information
  • Full ecommerce solution for customers to place orders and track them
  • Client mailer system allows for email notifications sent automatically

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