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Homegrown Hydroponics Inc

Homegrown Hydroponics Inc. has been proudly supplying indoor gardening accessories such as grow lights, growth nutrients, various hydroponic garden setups and more since 1985. Depending on the skill level of the customer, the company also offers guidance and support to weed out potential problems and ensure a successful harvest every time. Apart from functioning as a comprehensive repository of gardening knowledge and inventory, Hydroponics Inc. also supplies cannabis-related products such as vaporizers, curing gear, and oil extraction equipment.


Key Features

  • Custom ERP System
  • Integrated Distributor Portal System
  • Multi-Location Warehouse Management System
  • Custom Accounting
  • Client Profiling History
  • Online School Management Module To Improve Customer Engagement

Homegrown Hydroponics Inc. supplies accessories for home gardening across multiple locations in Canada as well as offers guidance on the usage of their products in person or through online classes. A full custom ERP system was required to consolidate the customer database, manage inventory, purchase orders, as well as quotations. This ERP system was also needed to update and monitor accounting, documentation and shipping.

An entirely automated, custom ERP system was developed to simultaneously handle inventory, quotes, orders as well as various logistical documentation regarding customer data, shipping reports and accounting statements across multiple locations in the country. Furthermore, this system also included a dedicated distributor portal system that was needed to effectively communicate and share data with distributors from a remote setup. Lastly, due to the organization’s focus on teaching customers via an online school, the ERP system was also designed to constantly update the extensive video library where all the information and videos could be remotely accessed from any location. Essentially, the custom ERP system automatically manages all aspects of the company right from logistics and data management to internal communication.

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Homegrown Hydroponics Inc
Homegrown Hydroponics Inc
Homegrown Hydroponics Inc
Homegrown Hydroponics Inc
Homegrown Hydroponics Inc
Homegrown Hydroponics Inc
Homegrown Hydroponics Inc
Homegrown Hydroponics Inc

Type of Systems Used in Project

Online Ordering System


Development and implementation of these online ordering systems leads to seamless end-to-end order placement that significantly improves the ease of the process. Additionally, the elimination of human involvement in the ordering process reduces staffing costs, eradicates the risk of human errors, and makes the ordering systems available 24/7. Special calculator integration also drastically boosts the speed with which large, complex orders are placed and processed. The automation of this system helps reduce supply chain complexity while allowing multi-stage customizations with ease.

E-commerce System


Currently, there are various commercially available software applications to facilitate e-commerce functionality such as Shopify. These have a fixed set of features that are meant to work with straightforward e-commerce operations. However, in more complicated scenarios, these lack features to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.


Complex e-commerce solutions were designed and tailored to meet specialized requirements such as customizable price margins, connectivity to product builder tools, quantity-based discount calculations and connection to CRM and ERP systems. Order placement features included support for QR codes or scanner guns. Additionally, special rate calculators and communication with multiple shipping carrier databases were designed. These features were implemented based on client needs in order to improve the specific capabilities of e-commerce systems unique to each client.

Custom ERP


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) plays an essential role in the operations of resource-intensive businesses within the industrial sector. An ERP is a comprehensive software system that enables business owners to consolidate data and automate manual processes easily and effectively across their entire business. It optimizes resources and staff, maintains inventory, and manages cash flow – all in a cloud-based package at your fingertips.

Inventory Management System


Every company operates differently in terms of inventory management. While inventory management software applications are available commercially, many of the features offered by such systems aren’t required by certain companies, or they need a specific set of features. Custom inventory management systems are designed and tailored to meet the exact client specifications. These systems include specialized features for companies, such as compatibility with barcode and QR code scanners, relationships between assemblies with complex part combinations, connectivity to multiple warehouses and databases, real-time updates to stock levels, track using dashboards, dedicated client logins, automatic stock level updates, and more. For businesses that have suppliers in multiple countries, this system helps with automated conversions of metrics and currencies, which is useful for uniformity while offering convenience.

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