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Elevate Door Maker's Business with Vestra Inet's E-commerce Solutions

Established in Mississauga, The Door Maker specializes in manufacturing highly customized kitchen cabinet doors. With almost 5 decades of experience, the company also prides itself on being the leading online thermofoil supplier in the country. Their online catalogue features an impressive 30 different panel styles ranging from flat and raised to shaker cabinet doors. The Door Maker adds even more variety to these style ranges by providing more than 150 different colours. To top it all off, there is extensive choice in finishing as well, ranging from matte to textured and more. Thus, the company offers comprehensive kitchen cabinet door solutions for a wide range of clients.

Key Features
  • Product Configurator
  • Quotation Generation System
  • Online Ordering System
  • Production Management And Reporting

As a leading online business specializing in custom kitchen cabinet doors, The Door Maker required a comprehensive system to aid their clientele in choosing products that are tailormade to their unique needs. The company offers this service in the form of an extremely detailed and user-friendly product configurator. Also known as Build-a-Door configurator, this feature offers a wide range of customizable attributes for a kitchen cabinet door such as panel profile, door style, edge profile, front colour, back colour, exact dimensions, quantity, and much more.    

For instance, upon selecting the Cambridge Shaker profile on the product configurator, clients can then choose other parameters such as door style, edge profile, colour and so on. The product configurator also factors in additional features such as mullions and frames, adding crown moulding, sampling swatches and even choosing a drilling template. Thus, The Door Maker offers end-to-end customization and excellent user experience with this comprehensive product configurator

Since the company offers extensive customization with their cabinet doors, they also required a feature that could help provide the correct price point to the customer according to the features, dimensions and quantity selected by them. The quotation generation system handles this problem by calculating the price of the order in real time in accordance with the customizations made in the configurator and offering a clear picture to the customer.

After customizing the cabinet door and generating the quote, the company also required a system which would enable the clients to place the order online to create a seamless customer experience. This was ensured with the integration of an online ordering system that offered numerous benefits to the clientele and the company such as automating order placement, ensuring complete accuracy and round-the-clock access. 

Handling numerous projects for an evergrowing client base, The Door Maker also required assistance to improve production timing, inventory management and the ability to monitor various aspects of the process. To achieve this, a detailed production management and reporting module was also incorporated into the system. With this feature, all aspects of the manufacturing process could now be automated and tracked with ease, resulting in faster turnaround times and the elimination of any possible errors or delays. Hence, the company can now deliver highly customized, high-quality thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors to its clients on time, further improving its reputation in the door manufacturing niche.

In summary, The Door Maker uses a host of features and modules such as the product configurator and quotation generation system to simplify the process of choosing tailormade cabinet doors online. The organization supplements these features with an online ordering system to make the entire process seamless and hassle-free for the customer. Lastly, on the back end, the company employs a sophisticated production management and reporting module to oversee all facets of the manufacturing process and to ensure the timely delivery of quality products. 

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Custom E-commerce Software Solutions for Door Maker
Advanced Product Configurator by Vestra Inet for Door Maker
Efficient Inventory Management Software for Door Maker
Precision Pricing with Vestra Inet's Price Calculator
Custom Quote System: Door Maker's Ordering Simplified
Seamless E-commerce Integration for Door Maker
E-commerce Platform Custom by Vestra Inet for Door Maker
Type of Systems Used in Project

Custom Quote System

  • Automated quote generation
  • Real-time pricing adjustment
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

Generating accurate quotations is an essential part of automating business operations. The basic functionality of a quotation system is to help businesses provide accurate pricing to customers instantaneously. No two orders are the same and the quotation making software needs to be advanced enough to handle these nuances. We build custom quotation systems that connect between pricing, product details and order specifics to provide your customers with the most accurate quotes, allowing them to proceed with the purchase without hesitation.

Product Configurator

  • Real-time product view
  • Automatic SKU generation
  • Multiple-stage customization
  • Quote generation integration
  • Custom compatibility filters

Product configuration software is a smart tool that allows your customers to accurately configure products to the smallest detail before ordering them. We design custom product configuration systems to intelligently guide users in a step-by-step process, ending up with their desired product. Product modifications can be visualized in real time, enabling your customers to see the unit as each element or detail is added or deleted. This feature also enables your customers to preview the product before placing an order, giving you confidence that your customers get a positive post-purchase impression and will come to you for more business.

When we build product configurators, we account for compatibility filters and exceptions that apply automatically as your client customizes the product, ensuring incompatible or irrelevant elements are not displayed during configuration. This accounts for your unique assembly process so that your customers can be guided through the product assembly without live agent involvement.

Product configurator can be integrated with a custom quote generator feature so your customers can create a quote and adjust it at any time before placing the order. Once the product is fully configured, the system can automatically generate a unique SKU, ensuring your customer’s order details are secure and error-free and the product your client receives in the end is exactly what they ordered.

Custom Inventory Management Software

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Automatic conversions of metrics and currencies
  • Multiple warehouse management 
  • Access and tracking of SKUs in all facilities


Every company operates differently in terms of inventory management. While inventory management software applications are available commercially, many of the features are either not applicable for some companies or insufficient for others. Custom inventory management software is designed and tailored to meet your exact specifications. These systems include specialized features for companies, such as compatibility with barcode and QR code scanners, relationships between assemblies with complex part combinations, connectivity to multiple warehouses and databases, real-time updates to stock levels, track using dashboards, dedicated client logins, automatic stock level updates, and more. For businesses that have suppliers in multiple countries, a custom inventory system can help with automated conversions of metrics and currencies, which is useful for uniformity while offering convenience.

Price Calculator

  • Real-time complex calculations
  • Multi-system integration
  • Custom price margins


Price calculators with advanced capabilities met unique situations where complicated calculations involving multiple variables were required. The functionality of the calculators varied based on client needs, with features like quantity-based discounts, price margin management, additional options, and real-time updates to the displayed price. These calculator tools were implemented into various client systems including product builders, online ordering systems, and assembly selection. Depending on requirements, additional functionality to set custom price margins was programmed. Additionally, personalized pricing information was displayed to individual users based on order history and other predetermined factors.


Each pricing calculator was designed to meet specific criteria for each client. These custom systems were designed to adapt to the unique needs of each business and its specialized operations, with the ability to adapt to multiple complex variables in real-time. This greatly improved user satisfaction due to immediate results when making item selections or building products online. Designed to be integrated into multiple client systems, these calculators met exact requirements in terms of customizability and functionality. Custom price margins enabled users with administrative access to define parameters such as quantity-based discounts, promotional offers, individual product price margins, and more. This resulted in a more personalized pricing information display for users.

E-commerce System

  • CRM and ERP connection
  • Quantity discount and special rate calculations
  • Multiple shipping and merchant integrations


Currently, there are various commercially available software applications to facilitate e-commerce functionality such as Shopify. These have a fixed set of features that are meant to work with straightforward e-commerce operations. However, in more complicated scenarios, these lack features to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.


Complex e-commerce solutions were designed and tailored to meet specialized requirements such as customizable price margins, connectivity to product builder tools, quantity-based discount calculations and connection to CRM and ERP systems. Order placement features included support for QR codes or scanner guns. Additionally, special rate calculators and communication with multiple shipping carrier databases were designed. These features were implemented based on client needs in order to improve the specific capabilities of e-commerce systems unique to each client.

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