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Elevating VJ Pamensky Canada Inc. with Vestra Inet's Custom ERP Solutions.

VJ Pamensky Canada Inc. is one of the primary importers and suppliers of IEC-certified WEG motors and electric motors in the country. Since its inception in 1977 in Toronto, Canada, its inventory and market have grown exponentially, serving a plethora of major industries including mining, steel production, agriculture, oil and gas and much more. Apart from supplying and distributing their quality equipment in the Canadian market, they also offer extensive, 24/7 after-sales services including scheduled maintenance and customization for specific projects. 

Key Features

Key Features


  • Inventory with multiple database synchronization
  • Full custom ERP system
  • Extensive sales tracking system
  • Product configurator 
  • Intelligent order tracking and quotation generation system
  • Customized report generation
  • Smart budgeting module

VJ Pamensky Canada Inc. supplies WEG electric motors to various suppliers, distributors and direct customers. They also offer machine servicing, customization and after-sales support for all their products. The company also had three database servers located in Canada, the United States, and Germany respectively. This included extensive data such as product descriptions and specifications.


All the sequential and non-sequential data from the three servers had to be consolidated in one place. To achieve this, the data from all three servers were migrated into one spot in Canada. Furthermore, already storing thousands of SKUs and information in different locations, gathering the data together was an elaborate process. Instead, with the aid of the new consolidated server, all SKUs are stored in one spot. Furthermore, as new orders are added, their information is automatically updated on the server. 


The organization also required a dynamic system to auto-update details such as product specifications, prices and quotations pertaining to different countries and regions. For instance, the pricing as well as product specification of the same motor can differ widely, depending on its location, such as in North America or Europe. To mitigate this, a product configurator was devised with an in-built price and spec calculating feature. Therefore, depending on the region, the website can display accurate information and pricing without the need for manual updates. 


VJ Pamensky also required a system to efficiently manage various aspects of the operation, such as budgeting, accounting, inventory management, sales tracking, customer relationships and more. Hence, a full custom ERP was designed which encompasses a dynamic inventory management system, a custom CRM module, budgeting, accounting and more. 


Furthermore, to optimize and effectively manage their orders, a sales calendar was also added to the ERP system. In addition to the ERP, the company also required software or programs that can help them optimize their report generation and maintenance by creating purchase orders, work orders, invoicing and more. This was made possible with a dedicated report builder and custom report generation software, which complement the dynamic inventory management system.


Thus, VJ Pamensky Canada Inc. operates a fully integrated custom ERP system, along with a region-specific product configurator and a consolidated data server. Adding these software and systems to operations has significantly helped improve the company’s inventory management, along with a deeper understanding of sales tracking and customer requirements. Moreover, the automation of invoicing and report building has aided in improving the everyday operations of the company. Lastly, the budgeting and accounting module ensures the right allocation of capital and resources, leading to an efficient supply chain.

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