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our projects

Custom Control Panel

Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Custom Control Panel Inc. (CCP) is a customer/project-driven manufacturer of pneumatic, electric and electronic control panels. Since its inception in 1960, CCP has built a reputation for quality workmanship and complete component flexibility. 

The company delivers quality panels that match the customer’s existing hardware platform and spare parts inventory. With all its products certified by ISO 9001:2015, CSA 22.2 & UL 508A Certified panel shop, and Hazardous locations & ESA or CE, CCP also prides itself on its impeccable quality assurance and testing. Lastly, with excellent ties with major suppliers, Custom Control Panel Inc. guarantees full access to special technical support as required.

Key Features
  • Custom Quotation System
  • Bill Of Materials
  • Order Profit Calculator
  • Receiving Desk Automation System

With a focus on building customized control panels for a large client base, Custom Control Panel Inc. required an automated system to tackle the complex quotation process. This was made possible using a Custom Quotation System with a major emphasis on Bill of Materials (BOM). This feature lays out all the numerous constituent parts used in the construction of a control panel. Thus, it made it easier for the company to accurately store all component data regarding a project in an organized library, thereby also simplifying the quotation generation.

Apart from this, CCP also required a feature to quickly generate quotes for a new client. This is also accomplished using the Bill Of Materials feature, part of the broader Custom Quotation System. When the constituent components of one type of panel are saved in the library, the company can utilize the same BOM for another project as well with slight modifications as required, thereby significantly streamlining the entire process.

However, each component of a control panel is also made of several smaller constituent parts. Therefore, the company also required a way to choose only certain smaller parts of a component to implement on another project if required. The Bill Of Materials feature tackles this issue as well by storing prebuilt data on constituents of the individual components themselves. Hence, even the smallest of parts can be added to another project and can even be modified as per the unique requirements/demands of the project.

Furthermore, since CCP handles multiple projects simultaneously, the time between quote generation and actual production can vary. Therefore, the cost of the components and the panels during the quotation generation can also vary compared to production. This change in profit margin and pricing also had to be taken into account while manufacturing. The Order Profit Calculator mitigates this challenge by pre-calculating the fluctuations in pricing and allowing the company to adjust the cost accordingly.

Lastly, Custom Control Panel Inc. required a system to monitor an order which has been dispatched to the client and check if they have received it and whether there are any lapses in quality. This is made possible via a Receiving Desk Automation System which monitors this dispatch process and informs the company of any product damages or returns.

Therefore, with an advanced Custom Quotation System with a focus on the Bill of Materials, CCP handles the major complexity of keeping track of numerous constituent parts that go into a particular project. It supplements this library of pre-built data with an Order Profit Calculator to manage price fluctuations. Lastly, with a Receiving Desk Automation System, the company ensures that the clientele is satisfied with the end product and continues to maintain robust ties with the organization. In this manner, Custom Control Panel Inc. operates a complex and complete supply chain system which handles all aspects of manufacturing and dispatch. 

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Custom Control Panel
Custom Control Panel
Custom Control Panel
Custom Control Panel
Custom Control Panel
Custom Control Panel
Custom Control Panel
Custom Control Panel
Type of Systems Used in Project

Custom ERP

  • Custom-tailored to your business
  • Cross-module integration
  • Workflow automation
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved data security 
  • Enhanced employee experience


Tired of struggling to align your operations with your software? Get software specifically designed for your business! Custom ERP software precisely replicates every operational task of your business according to your unique specifications. With custom ERP, your business processes are centralized, resulting in consolidated data, improved workflow efficiency, and cost savings.

Manufacturing Management Software

  • Full control of production cycle
  • Automation of multiple production stages
  • 360° view of all production processes
  • Flexible scalability

The principal feature of custom-designed production management software is that it is built to adapt to your existing manufacturing processes. It increases the operational efficiency of complex multi-stage production processes by collecting and consolidating data across all units involved in the manufacturing process into one system. Production Management Software allows for centralized control of all manufacturing stages leading to more optimized production flow, saved costs and increased profits. With production management software your work will be smarter, not harder.

Custom Quote System

  • Automated quote generation
  • Real-time pricing adjustment
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

Generating accurate quotations is an essential part of automating business operations. The basic functionality of a quotation system is to help businesses provide accurate pricing to customers instantaneously. No two orders are the same and the quotation making software needs to be advanced enough to handle these nuances. We build custom quotation systems that connect between pricing, product details and order specifics to provide your customers with the most accurate quotes, allowing them to proceed with the purchase without hesitation.

Automated Mailing System

  • Scheduling
  • Custom notifications
  • Internal broadcast systems


Automated mailing systems improve the efficiency of communications between clients, customers and employees. Clients could automatically send quotes, promotions and more to individual customers or groups. Scheduling functionality improved organizational capabilities in large customer databases. Custom notifications informed various parties of upcoming events and promotions.


In addition to the mailing systems, internal communications were made more effective through the design of internal broadcast systems which displayed announcements and information company-wide using audiovisual technology. These systems could be used for production management, employee communication and more.

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