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our projects

Elevating ADM Engineering with Vestra Inet's Custom ERP Solutions

Established in Toronto, Ontario, ADM Engineering Ltd. specializes in variable frequency drives, AC motors, power quality, flow and energy measurement devices and other associated products for the HVAC and wastewater management industry. A proud supplier of prominent manufacturers such as ABB, Ametek, Baldor, Comsys, ONICON, SineTamer and more, the company focuses on offering fast and reliable service to minimize downtime and improve customer experience. This is made possible by maintaining an expansive stock of the aforementioned products at a local level. Furthermore, ADM also offers an extensive range of services including preventative maintenance, power quality field testing and commissioning. 

Key Features
  • Custom ERP System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Specialized Product Configurator
  • Pricing Management
  • Financial Module

With a focus on supplying and customizing AC motors, variable frequency drives, flow and energy measurement devices, and other associated products, ADM required an efficient software system to better manage its daily operations in a multifunctional capacity. To achieve this goal, a full custom ERP system was created to handle the numerous operational challenges faced by the engineering solutions provider. This system contains various features such as customer relationship management (CRM), project management, supply management, product configurator, price calculator based on various metrics, and other features intrinsic to an ERP system.

The customer relationship management (CRM) module was primarily devised to aid the sales team in effectively managing customers and quotations. Serving numerous clients across the globe, ADM Engineering Ltd. required a system which takes into account various parameters such as the location of the customer, and inherent product specifications for different countries such as input voltage and even units of measurement (imperial/metric). The CRM module takes all these factors into consideration to generate accurate quotes for a particular customer irrespective of their location.

The company also required an efficient way to track the status of their various projects so they can be delivered on time. This was made possible by integrating a project management system into the custom ERP to better keep track of simultaneous projects. This system even sends timely reminders to ensure the final product is delivered on or before the deadline.

ADM Engineering Ltd. also works with a network of suppliers to optimize the sales and inventory of various products offered by them. These suppliers required a system wherein they could configure the right product specifications and pricing for a particular client in real-time. To address this, a specialized product configurator and pricing management module was developed to the custom ERP system which takes various factors into account such as customer location, product type, and numerous other data points. This led to precise price multiplication and the generation of optimal product costs for a specific client.

With an impressive portfolio featuring numerous customers and simultaneous projects, ADM Engineering Ltd. also required a feature to better handle the workload from a financial perspective. This includes various aspects of financial management such as inventory, work orders, and more. This was made possible with the help of a dedicated financial module which encompasses inventory management, work order management, as well as a shipping and receiving desk.

Therefore, the company manages all facets of the business with the aid of a full custom ERP system comprising a CRM module, project management module, specialized product configurator, pricing management module, and financial module. Thus, ADM Engineering Ltd. manages a comprehensive ERP system geared toward their customers, suppliers and everyday operations.

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Custom ERP System: Tailored for ADM Engineering's Operations
CRM Excellence: Streamlining Customer Relationships with Vestra Inet
Project Management Integration: Ensuring Timely Deliveries
Specialized Product Configurator: Optimizing Product Specifications
Precision Pricing Management: Real-time Calculations for Clients
Financial Module Efficiency: Managing Inventory and Work Orders
Type of Systems Used in Project

Custom ERP

  • Custom-tailored to your business
  • Cross-module integration
  • Workflow automation
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved data security 
  • Enhanced employee experience


Tired of struggling to align your operations with your software? Get software specifically designed for your business! Custom ERP software precisely replicates every operational task of your business according to your unique specifications. With custom ERP, your business processes are centralized, resulting in consolidated data, improved workflow efficiency, and cost savings.

Product Configurator

  • Real-time product view
  • Automatic SKU generation
  • Multiple-stage customization
  • Quote generation integration
  • Custom compatibility filters

Product configuration software is a smart tool that allows your customers to accurately configure products to the smallest detail before ordering them. We design custom product configuration systems to intelligently guide users in a step-by-step process, ending up with their desired product. Product modifications can be visualized in real time, enabling your customers to see the unit as each element or detail is added or deleted. This feature also enables your customers to preview the product before placing an order, giving you confidence that your customers get a positive post-purchase impression and will come to you for more business.

When we build product configurators, we account for compatibility filters and exceptions that apply automatically as your client customizes the product, ensuring incompatible or irrelevant elements are not displayed during configuration. This accounts for your unique assembly process so that your customers can be guided through the product assembly without live agent involvement.

Product configurator can be integrated with a custom quote generator feature so your customers can create a quote and adjust it at any time before placing the order. Once the product is fully configured, the system can automatically generate a unique SKU, ensuring your customer’s order details are secure and error-free and the product your client receives in the end is exactly what they ordered.

Price Calculator

  • Real-time complex calculations
  • Multi-system integration
  • Custom price margins


Price calculators with advanced capabilities met unique situations where complicated calculations involving multiple variables were required. The functionality of the calculators varied based on client needs, with features like quantity-based discounts, price margin management, additional options, and real-time updates to the displayed price. These calculator tools were implemented into various client systems including product builders, online ordering systems, and assembly selection. Depending on requirements, additional functionality to set custom price margins was programmed. Additionally, personalized pricing information was displayed to individual users based on order history and other predetermined factors.


Each pricing calculator was designed to meet specific criteria for each client. These custom systems were designed to adapt to the unique needs of each business and its specialized operations, with the ability to adapt to multiple complex variables in real-time. This greatly improved user satisfaction due to immediate results when making item selections or building products online. Designed to be integrated into multiple client systems, these calculators met exact requirements in terms of customizability and functionality. Custom price margins enabled users with administrative access to define parameters such as quantity-based discounts, promotional offers, individual product price margins, and more. This resulted in a more personalized pricing information display for users.

Compatibility Advisor

  • Multi-system integration capabilities
  • Stage-to-stage item selection
  • Automatic filter generation


Compatibility advisors display relevant results to users. During inventory searches or product assembly, predetermined filter parameters display relevant content based on the previous selection. The parameters for filters are updated either automatically upon product addition, or manually based on situational requirements. These tools were designed for multiple applications including:


Interactive product assembly and component selection: Users building products using online tools would only see content relevant to their current selection. The predefined parameters eliminate the possibility of errors in the product assembly process due to automatic filtering of incompatible items as product building progresses from one stage to the next. This ensures accuracy during the process by eliminating human involvement from item recommendations.


Inventory management and catalogue: The implementation of such advisors significantly improves the organization of products within an inventory or catalogue for added accessibility while browsing. In special circumstances (eg: North American Steel) these filters assisted in the classification of assemblies and components based on their compatibility with each other.

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