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Madani Rings

Madani Rings

Madani Rings is a premium Canadian ring manufacturer that is known for its unique designs. The precious metals used in their high-quality rings are processed only by superior methods such as milling, CNC machining and diamond cutting. Crafting magnificent, tailor-made rings across all price points, Madani also prides itself on certain trade secrets; techniques that cannot be replicated by any other company in the industry. To uphold its impeccable craftsmanship, the company also implements a rigorous quality control policy before delivering its products.

Key Features

  • Advanced online product builder
  • Real-time visual configuration updates
  • Complete inventory management system
  • Intelligent real-time pricing calculator
  • Custom price margin settings with dedicated logins
  • Exchange rate and pricing control

Partnered with hundreds of retail stores, Madani Rings needed a system that would allow customers to pick and choose what their rings would look like before they could place an order with an affiliate store. To facilitate this, an advanced, online product configurator was designed, where various facets of the ring such as base metal, inlay metal, ring size, karat and engraving can be customized and selected online. Once the specific options have been selected, the software automatically generates an SKU number which the manufacturers can then use to replicate the exact design specifications.

Moreover, in accordance with the change in materials and dimensions of the ring, the respective changes in pricing can also be seen in real-time by the customer, thanks to the price calculator feature. The rings are then collected from a nearby retail store.

Madani Rings has two aspects, one is a brand that showcases the designs of the rings to attract the customer and the other is a business-to-business affiliation with boutique stores. Thus, they needed an effective communication system that allowed them to conduct smooth e-commerce operations with these stores. To do this effectively, a software was required where the prices of the rings were calculated by the location-based variable pricing of the raw materials. This software was also required to factor in special discounts/commissions for each individual store based on a variety of parameters.

All these features were made possible with the aid of custom price margin settings and automatic IP address detection. Thus, when a partner enters the correct details on their own product configurator to place an order, not only will they see pricing that is specifically calculated for their store, but the system will also suggest an optimal retail price at which they can sell the product.

Apart from supplying their products to various boutiques, the company also had to bill these stores on a regular basis, which was made possible by automated invoice generation. This feature would send the invoices to partner stores at regular intervals, offering them some financial flexibility. However, the system also has a fixed upper limit, to ensure there is no defaulting with respect to the invoices. Therefore, these custom solutions aided the company in operating a comprehensive B2B and B2C system, benefiting the retail partners and the customers respectively.

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Madani Rings
Madani Rings
Madani Rings
Madani Rings
Madani Rings
Madani Rings

Type of Systems Used in Project

Production Management System

The principal feature of custom-designed production management software is that it is built to adapt to your existing manufacturing processes. It increases the operational efficiency of complex multi-stage production processes by collecting and consolidating data across all units involved in the manufacturing process into one system. Production Management Software allows for centralized control of all manufacturing stages leading to more optimized production flow, saved costs and increased profits. With production management software your work will be smarter, not harder.

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Product Configurator

Product configuration software is a smart tool that allows your customers to accurately configure products to the smallest detail before ordering them. We design custom product configuration systems to intelligently guide users in a step-by-step process, ending up with their desired product. Product modifications can be visualized in real time, enabling your customers to see the unit as each element or detail is added or deleted. This feature also enables your customers to preview the product before placing an order, giving you confidence that your customers get a positive post-purchase impression and will come to you for more business.

When we build product configurators, we account for compatibility filters and exceptions that apply automatically as your client customizes the product, ensuring incompatible or irrelevant elements are not displayed during configuration. This accounts for your unique assembly process so that your customers can be guided through the product assembly without live agent involvement.

Product configurator can be integrated with a custom quote generator feature so your customers can create a quote and adjust it at any time before placing the order. Once the product is fully configured, the system can automatically generate a unique SKU, ensuring your customer’s order details are secure and error-free and the product your client receives in the end is exactly what they ordered.

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PDF Generator


Modern websites have dynamic pages where the information that is displayed is generated from databases based on input from different systems such as product builders, ordering systems, e-commerce platforms, and more. However, there are situations where this data must be saved or printed. Examples of these situations include invoices, order information, shipping details, inventory data, performance statistics etc. The most common format to save the data in is PDF.


Automatic PDF generators were designed to store this unique information for later reference and put it into a more accessible format for emailing, printouts or backups. In unique situations, scanned images were converted to searchable text in PDF format to facilitate navigation through archives with large quantities of scanned information and documents.

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E-commerce System


Currently, there are various commercially available software applications to facilitate e-commerce functionality such as Shopify. These have a fixed set of features that are meant to work with straightforward e-commerce operations. However, in more complicated scenarios, these lack features to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.


Complex e-commerce solutions were designed and tailored to meet specialized requirements such as customizable price margins, connectivity to product builder tools, quantity-based discount calculations and connection to CRM and ERP systems. Order placement features included support for QR codes or scanner guns. Additionally, special rate calculators and communication with multiple shipping carrier databases were designed. These features were implemented based on client needs in order to improve the specific capabilities of e-commerce systems unique to each client.

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Custom ERP

Unlike ready-made software, that requires you to adapt your business to its existing modules, a custom-built ERP mimics your business’s every possible operational task according to your unique specifications. By being highly flexible, a custom-designed ERP allows you to integrate new modules to match the ever-changing requirements of your business. With a custom-built ERP, your business processes are managed from one single hub resulting in consolidated data, more efficient workflow and saved costs. 


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Online Ordering System


Development and implementation of these online ordering systems leads to seamless end-to-end order placement that significantly improves the ease of the process. Additionally, the elimination of human involvement in the ordering process reduces staffing costs, eradicates the risk of human errors, and makes the ordering systems available 24/7. Special calculator integration also drastically boosts the speed with which large, complex orders are placed and processed. The automation of this system helps reduce supply chain complexity while allowing multi-stage customizations with ease.

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Price Calculator


Price calculators with advanced capabilities met unique situations where complicated calculations involving multiple variables were required. The functionality of the calculators varied based on client needs, with features like quantity-based discounts, price margin management, additional options, and real-time updates to the displayed price. These calculator tools were implemented into various client systems including product builders, online ordering systems, and assembly selection. Depending on requirements, additional functionality to set custom price margins was programmed. Additionally, personalized pricing information was displayed to individual users based on order history and other predetermined factors.


Each pricing calculator was designed to meet specific criteria for each client. These custom systems were designed to adapt to the unique needs of each business and its specialized operations, with the ability to adapt to multiple complex variables in real-time. This greatly improved user satisfaction due to immediate results when making item selections or building products online. Designed to be integrated into multiple client systems, these calculators met exact requirements in terms of customizability and functionality. Custom price margins enabled users with administrative access to define parameters such as quantity-based discounts, promotional offers, individual product price margins, and more. This resulted in a more personalized pricing information display for users.

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Online Catalogue


Having large inventories consisting of thousands of items with different variants and combinations leads to organizational issues. One of the obstacles faced by clients is the presentation of these listings to customers. Appropriate relationships between items of different compatibility settings are critical to a smooth user experience when navigating the product listings. Additionally, identification of unique items and combinations is essential where products are modified with infinite combinations of components. Effective search functionality within such an inventory is crucial to ensure user satisfaction.


Based on individual requirements, online catalogues were implemented for various clients. These systems were implemented alongside multiple systems and databases. Integration was supported with existing systems such as inventory control, production management, e-commerce platforms, and more. Various complex relationships were defined between items and their components to ensure compatibility. Additionally, online product builders were designed and implemented as required. In these cases, every uniquely designed item variant could be automatically added to the existing catalogue with a unique automatically assigned SKU number, creating self-propagating catalogues. Other features such as table builders (one product - multiple SKUs) and compatibility filters were also designed.

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