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3 Elements of Good Web Design

April 05, 2016

When critiquing web design, it's important to remember what elements make up a good design. Vestra Inet is a leader in web design for Toronto, and consistently uses methods like these to provide our clients with the best website design the Toronto area has to offer. Keep reading for our tips on good web design etiquette and practices.

1. Easy to Read and Skim Through

When browsing the web, most users are not looking to spend hours on each individual website. Often times a user will land on your page and seek out the desired information without much engagement beyond those few minutes of interaction. Streamlining information quickly and effectively is what can give you the edge over competition. By having text that is easy to read, you can provide information to your clients quickly, and get them calling you within minutes of landing on your page. Once you have received that initial call or email, providing detailed information can help to seal a sale, creating new business for you. Skim proof content is necessary in today's busy business environment.

2. Mobile Responsive Designs

Something that is crucial in today's market is having websites that are ready for mobile use. With so many people on the go, having a mobile responsive website has become a necessary requisite of good web design. Toronto businesses have followed suit, with many companies opting for mobile responsive designs, but for all companies, it has become an industry standard. If your website is easy to navigate on mobile phones and tablets, you've beaten out the competition who hasn't upgraded. Users will find your website much easier to navigate, and will be calling or emailing you quickly as they find the necessary information with just a couple of clicks.

3. Engaging and Interactive Design

Often times your website will the first impression your potential client receives. By providing them with engaging visuals that are interactive, you can encourage exploration and pique their curiosity with interesting information and images. Large photo sliders, colourful accents, these all play an important role in creating a visually interesting website. Presenting your products front and center amidst a visually appealing design will give your clients a great first impression, allowing for regular flowing business through great user experiences.

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