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Website Design: the Make or Break of Businesses


The first thing consumers do after learning about a brand or business name is to look for its website. If you don’t have a website, your credibility instantly plunges. If you do have a website but your website design is not well-done, you instantly set the wrong impression and end up attracting the wrong audience, if any at all.


Businesses have known since the advent of the internet that a strong online presence will make or break a business.


Now that hundreds of thousands of businesses are online, it takes keen marketing to help differentiate between one business and another. Website design is one of the key areas that can be worked on to ensure that your business gains the upper hand.


According to a report by Adobe, 66% of consumers would rather view something beautifully designed instead of something plain and simple. But what does beautiful design mean?


At Vestra Inet, we have been honing the fine craft of website design for years. Based on our experiences with a wide variety of customers, beautiful website design comes down to 3 key principles:

website design

1. Relevance


Every single piece of information on your website has to be relevant to your audience. This means that your content always has to be interesting, and if not, it has to be at the very least informative. Everything else is considered fluff, and for audiences with increasingly short attention spans, every bit of irrelevant information is one extra reason to close the page. How does website design come into play here? Website design controls how content is laid out on the page – where the big headlines go, where the attractive pictures go, where the informative descriptions go, etc. Content and design have to go hand in hand, playing off one another and working to optimize every available spot on the screen as much as possible.

website design

2. Consistency


Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business in determining its success. If you have a strong brand image, vision, philosophy, and so on, everything you do is guided by consistent principles. This should also be applied to your website design. If you are an industrial business, every design element on your website should reflect that – nothing too frivolous or flamboyant in order to convey an image of dependability and veteran expertise. Consistency also refers to multi-platform designing. Does your website look as good on mobile as it does on the desktop?

website design

3. Sincerity


We believe that every business has a personality. Figuring this out will not only help with branding, it will also establish your business as sincerer and more accessible. For instance, a tech company may want to project its personality as being intellectual, resourceful, and current. Let this come through in every aspect of your business’ visual identity, from the logo, to the banners, to the headlines and catchphrases. Customers will feel more like they are interacting with an actual business with people behind it, rather than a screen or something that is more automated.

With these principles in mind, Vestra Inet strives to provide website design and other software and marketing solutions that will help capture the essence of our customers’ businesses. If you’re looking to establish and refine your online presence, consider booking a consultation with us today.

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