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The Elements of User-Friendly Toronto Web Design

April 15, 2019
Toronto web design

User-friendly design is a buzz-word among web and app developers alike – but what does user-friendly mean exactly?


The average attention span of a person is around 8 seconds – in Toronto web design, that’s 8 seconds you have to make a lasting impression upon the person accessing your website. User-friendly design prioritizes the experience of the user by streamlining the interactions they have with your website. Developers do this in a number of ways, taking from a combination of elements such as readability, navigation, mobile optimization, and the time it takes for your site to load.

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Today we’ll discuss how developers achieve user-friendly Toronto web design by assessing readability, navigation, optimization, and site load time.

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As the 8-second average attention span might suggest, most users probably won’t read the entirety of your site’s content. Rather, they will scan the entirety of your home page to look for key information. Ensuring your website offers a degree of readability will allow them to focus on the information that is most pertinent to your call to action. Achieving readability is simple: keep it short and sweet.

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Your site should be organized with the user in mind – this means organizing the site navigation so that it prioritizes the interests of the user. Adding a search bar is one example of prioritizing the user as it allows them to quickly sift through relevant information without having to search the entirety of your site.

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Not everyone accesses the internet through their desktop – in fact, most people access the internet via their smart phone. Ensuring your site is user-friendly and engaging across all platforms is imperative to your business. Your site should be accessible and consistent across all devices and screen sizes.


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Site Load Time


If your site doesn’t load within 4-6 seconds, your site is deemed too slow. 4-6 seconds is the majority of the average person’s attention span, so if your site’s loading time extends beyond that you can probably guess that it will drive users away. This can also detriment your search engine result rankings on leading search engines.

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User-Friendly Toronto Web Design with Vestra Inet


If you’re looking for user-friendly Toronto web design, then opt for web design services with Vestra Inet. We offer the knowledge and capabilities needed to bring your business to life online. We maintain user-friendly design practices that incorporate key elements such as readability, navigation, optimization, and site load time. We understand the importance of prioritizing user-friendly design in developing your website, while also creating solutions that are unique to your business. Call us today to learn more about Vestra’s custom web design services!

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