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Understanding 3D Modeling and Mapping

July 29, 2019
3D modeling

In our previous blog 3 Ways 3D Modeling Can Elevate Your Business, we briefly discussed the benefits of opting for 3D modeling as a way to give your audience a better understanding of your service or product online.


The demand for 3D mapping and modelling techniques are projected to increase substantially in the coming years. This is due to innovation of improved high-speed connectivity – allowing for more effective routes in which audiences consume information on digital and cloud-based platforms.


With more and more interest growing within the 3D mapping and modelling field, we thought we’d answer a few FAQ to get the ball rolling on what it is and the ways in which it can serve as a solution to your online marketing needs.

3D modeling

What is 3D Modeling?

3D mapping and modeling are the processes of using computer graphics to generate a 3D digital representation of an object, structure, or surface. A 3D mapping and/or modeling artist utilizes specialized software to manipulate vertices to create a mesh – a grouping of vertices to form a specific object. The modelling process results in a digital object that is fully animated – making it essential for applications that require character animation or special effects.

3D modeling

What is 3D Modeling used for?

3D mapping and modelling is used in a myriad of applications across a large range of industries. The healthcare industry, industrial design, automotive, and media and entertainment industries all use 3D mapping and modeling to showcase certain processes and/or products with greater detail than simply using one’s imagination. Whether it’s demonstrating human anatomy, or developing a video game – the possibilities are endless when it comes to the many uses 3D mapping and modelling is used for.

3D mapping

Where can I find 3D mapping and modeling services in Toronto?

If you’re looking to bring your product or service to life look no further than Vestra Inet! As a leading web development company in Toronto, we incorporate the latest in innovation when it comes to marketing your business online. Demonstrate the functionality and wide breadth of capabilities your product offers by opting for our 3D mapping and modeling services. Call us today to learn more about how we can bring your business’s products and/or services to life!

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