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5 Most Important Stages in Web Development

November 24, 2016

Web development for Toronto businesses involves a variety of factors. Developing a website is a long process, and every step is incredibly important. Let’s detail some of the crucial steps that involved in the web development process.


1.  Choosing a Domain Name

Think about your domain name carefully. It might be obvious to go with your business name, but have you thought about .ca versus .com? A .ca domain will target Google results more strongly in Canada than in the United States. Small decisions like the domain can have a huge impact, and should definitely be considered in the web development process.


2.     Layout and Colour

When developing your website, an eye-catching website is incredibly important. We actually discussed the importance of a powerful and unique colour scheme, so if you’d like to learn about that in greater depth check it out. But beyond that, a logical layout is just as important as the colour scheme. Make sure your website is visually easy to understand as readers will skim in an “F” shape.


3.     Strategies for Future Updates

Web development for Toronto businesses needs to stay fresh, as old websites tend to gather dust. The don’t gather traditional dust, but rather internet dust, where Google begins to forget about them, they rarely get visits, and their designs eventually show their age. It’s important to have strategies for how you will keep your website fresh for months and years after the final design. Develop a news section, a blog section, update the homepage slides, all these factors will keep your website fresh and not put those hours of web development to waste years down the line.


4.     Mobile Web Development

When creating a layout, the mobile version is just as important to consider. Keeping the original integrity of the desktop layout, while making the mobile version easy and intuitive are important factors to consider during the web development process. If you’re developing a new website, don’t forget to include a mobile version, it’s SEO suicide if you don’t!


5.     Track Traffic Metrics, User Behaviour and More

How do you know that your newly developed website is actually making an impact? You have to install Google Analytics codes, track organic search traffic, and be on top of all of those metrics that impact conversion rates. The most crucial factor in web development for Toronto businesses is that those developed websites are actually generating new revenue, so of course you’ll want to make sure you are utilizing it to its full potential by getting updated metrics every week.


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