All About 3D Modeling

May 06, 2016

The good ol’ days of pen and paper are gone. With tech advancing as quickly as it has over the past decade, we’ve seen major improvements in 3D software. Nowadays, software programs like Maya, Soft-graphic, 3DS Max and other computer software has made 3D modeling incredible as you can preload textures, and make your model as detailed as you need it to be. From drafting products to modeling large facilities, Vestra Inet has been able to provide our clients with a variety of 3D modeling solutions, no matter the scope of the project. Your imagination is the limit, and we’re ready to bring your ideas to life through a fully visualized 3D render.

3D models of your product or facility are also ideal for schematics and informational diagrams. By being able to manipulate a piece from all sides you can get the right angle for your project, making it easily visible on your computer screen. It’s also great to demonstrate to your clients, as they will be able to fully visualize your product and make their decision with confidence, as you have fully detailed your product to them.

Whatever the application, 3D models are a valuable piece for your business as their applications are numerous. If you have a particular product, or  you have a large facility that demands a 3D representation, consider a 3D modeling package with Vestra Inet.

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