Clean Code: Why It Matters

July 04, 2017

Coding is the bread and butter of any software company in Toronto. Developing complex programs and websites is difficult and requires the involvement of teams proficient in common programming languages. Clean code is the term used to describe a style of development in which the code used to create software is focused on readability. While every developer has the same end-goal (a smoothly running piece of software), the true professionals in the industry focus on clean coding as a means of getting there.


Coding Cleanly is Essential for any Software Company in Toronto. Here’s Why:


Management of Complex Code is Easier

Software development is incredibly complicated. Code for a program can run on for pages, with different levels, classes, and functions. Effective organization of this code is imperative for bug fixes and edits to the application at the code level to go smoothly. Clean coding allows developers and future programmers to easily organize and manage the application from the back-end.


Justification and Presentation in Code Reviews

While it doesn’t happen all the time, every programmer encounters a situation where the code must be reviewed and justified to fellow developers and programmers. Establishing a common, readable language that everyone can reference leads to easier, more amicable reviews that wrap up well.


Problem-solving is Faster

Every so often, there is a bug that shows up in code that causes a program to crash. In complex applications that haven’t been cleanly coded, fixing this error involves scrolling through literal pages of messy code. The fix takes time, which costs money for the recipient of the application. With clean code, this isn’t a problem – everything is fully organized, making it far easier to simply find and fix the issue in a matter of hours.


These are just three of the many reasons why it is so important to adhere to best practices during coding. If you’re looking for a professional software company in Toronto, ensure that they stick to using clean code in their development process. It makes a huge difference in the long run. 

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