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CSS and its Importance in Website Design

August 02, 2017

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is crucial to the success of any web development project today. Styling is an integral part of any modern website. Today’s internet revolves around visually pleasing design paired with mobile-friendly site optimization. As any professional in website design in Toronto will tell you, using CSS can benefit your site in ways you didn’t think possible. CSS does a lot more than make your site look pretty. It offers various other benefits that can directly impact the user experience on your site.

Advantages of Using CSS for Website Design

Visually Pleasing Site Layout


Whereas styling used to be applied to a page via the HTML code within that page, CSS allows developers to style far more precisely. CSS effectively breaks down all websites and individual pages into sections of varying sizes. Each section can then be styled individually, instead of applying changes across the entire page or site. In Toronto, website design that is visually stunning and unique is crucial. Because of this, the use of CSS is highly recommended for added flexibility during the design and development process.


Faster Load Times


The average human has an attention span of about 10 seconds. If a web page takes longer than this to load all its styling and elements, its likely that a potential customer could close their browser window in frustration. Improving load times is a very important part of website design, especially in Toronto and the GTA because of how fast-paced daily life is. CSS works great here because the browser loads the stylesheet and stores it in the cache. Every web page for that site already has styling applied by the browser, so load times are a fraction of what they could be.


There are many other benefits of using stylesheets during website design. Toronto’s many web development professionals will swear by it. From gorgeous visuals to blindingly fast load times and much more, there really is no alternative to CSS today.

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