How is 3D prototyping beneficial to your business?

July 19, 2016
3D modeling

3D modeling is a work of graphic art created with the aid of specialized 3D software and computers. Over the years, software and computers have developed easy tools that were once available to professionals, making them available to schools and home applications. Artists, film makers, architects, and designers are now using 3-D modelling software to make animations, virtual models, computer games, design ideas, and sculptures associated with traditional arts and crafts.


Modeling is one of the key concepts that have been identified in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry across the curriculum pack for teaching and development of design. Through this method, students can use specialist computer software to build their ideas and make their opinions concrete. They can test their changing variables and visual hypothesis to evaluate the performance effects in real life.


One of the biggest advantages of 3D modeling is the fact that it creates three-dimensional environments or characters similar to those used in the film industry or computer games. In design works, 3d modeling generates better designs that are not only more visible but also more realistic to work with.


Vestra Inet utilizes technology and modern computer tools to create processes within a broad range of arts. We help individuals and organizations enhance presentations of product prototypes making marketing easier and more attractive to anyone. Our polygon 3D modeling has more frames per second compared to any other presentations out there, making it one of the most innovative and advanced online software technologies in today’s market. This kind of prototyping helps your business:

  • Demonstrate product functionality
  • Show the methods through which a product can be integrated with other items to maximize functionality
  • Visualize the different dimensions of a product more clearly
  • Demonstrate how a product can be applied in a wide range of settings.

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