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The 3 Most Important Factors in Effective Custom Web Design for Toronto Businesses

custom web design for your Toronto

Gone are the days of phonebooks, where a business’ first impression was a small print ad, or an incredibly basic business listing. Today every modern business has a corresponding website; they are able to quickly outline their products and services, as well as contact information. Although we’re moving into the modern era, not every business website is built equally. Custom web design for Toronto businesses is more important than ever, as your website is the first impression you give customers. A customized website is what will set your business apart from the competition, and will decrease bounce rates, as a visually engaging and well-presented website incites curiosity.

What exactly should you look out for when you’re developing a custom web design for your Toronto company? We’re here to offer our expert advice, and help you build your brand with a custom website that stands out among your competition.

1. Pick the Right Colour Scheme

Nothing can destroy a custom web design for your Toronto business faster than a set of bad colour choices. That’s why it’s important when building your website to think critically about how you want your information presented, and what colours you want to represent your business. Psychological studies have shown that we consistently associate colours with particular emotions. That’s why colour choices are so important; they will be the first impression you give to potential clients, evoking an immediate subconscious emotional response. The Logo Company created a great infographic that details different logos, and the associated emotions for each colour. RED is associated with youth and excitement, while in contrast GREEN is associated with health and growth. Companies that sell edgy and innovative products want to evoke excitement with a red colour scheme, while companies that sell vitamin supplements might opt for a green colour scheme.

2. Have a Logical Site Structure

Another important factor that should not be overlooked is a user friendly custom web design that your Toronto clients can browse through with ease. If product or service information is difficult to find, it is wishful thinking that your potential will call you to find out what they were searching for. What is much more likely is that they will leave your website and navigate to a competitor's website that has all the necessary information right in front of them. It is very important that you convey your information in an easily readable format, and that your website structure is logical and easy to navigate. If it takes more than 3 clicks to find a particular product/service page, you will lose potential new business. We can see how far we've come, as older websites used to feature incredibly complex and confusing site structures. However the modern approach is a user friendly, easy navigable website, as it is an incredibly valuable asset, and it is absolutely necessary for modern custom web design in the Toronto market.

3. Include Dynamic Elements

The last factor for custom web design that we’ll touch on today is the importance of having dynamic elements on your website. Something as easy as an animated slider is a great way to display information in an exciting format that immediately engages the reader. Movement grabs attention; dynamic elements are a great way to incite curiosity, and get your potential clients reading your website’s content. You could have a great custom web design for your Toronto business, but if you have no way of engaging your visitors, it will be difficult to increase leads. Generate interest and decrease bounce rates with a custom dynamic element that catches your clients’ attention when they first land on your website.