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The Basic Requirements of Effective Web Design

August 22, 2016
Toronto web design

A website is very important to businesses, it allows more visibility and reach online. Having a simple site may not be enough to get a higher traffic rate, the web design should be good as well because it creates an impact on the customers. This is why it is not surprising that most businesses of various sizes are investing in good Toronto web design to appeal to their potential customers. This way, the products as well as services offered by a company will not only be limited to the people who already know about them but they will also be discovered by other online users who are looking for what they are offering. For businesses that are planning to make their own website and launch it to online users, there are some basic requirement that must be considered in order to have an effective Toronto web design:


-       Graphics. In an era where everything is automated and food can be served in less than a few minutes, there is no online user in the world who will have the patience to wait for a website to load longer than a minute. If that is your website then most probably the customer will have to press exit and search for other sites instead. Slow pages are not only annoying but counter-productive as well. It also speaks volume of how a business is managed and it reflects on the company’s image. For graphics used on the website make sure that it is compatible and will not cause a delay in load speeds. It is recommended that every image should be optimized without compromising the quality.


-    Layout. When choosing the layout for the website, remember that less is more. It is better to stick for the standard type in order to create a good website. There are different styles when it comes to layouts – there are pages composed of seven up to eight frames while others need scrolling in order to view the website’s entire content. While this may look playful, this can be annoying to online users who just want to see what they are looking for.


-       Font style and sizing. Though there is a wide array of choices when it comes to the font style as well as the size to be used, it is considered more effective to stick with the recommended ones which are more pleasing to the customer’s eyes. You might be tempted to use elegant and decorative fonts but remember that it is an online business and not your personal blog. Using very large fonts may attract the user’s attention for a while before it turns into amusement and then it becomes more annoying as it becomes a pattern. For headlines, serif is recommended while sans-serif is a good option for the text of the content. See what font style best suits your company’s persona. 

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