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Why Is Proper Website Design So Important For A Company?

July 23, 2014

First impressions stick.


No matter how much you think you don’t make a judgement the first time you meet someone, try a new food item, or see a new website—admit it—your first try affects the way you interact with that experience in the future.


In website design, there are 2 major aspects that developers have to worry about in order to keep you on the page, have you wanting more, and ultimately taking action to interact with your business in any form. These aspects are:

Front-End Development

Back-End Development


Many developers are even capable of doing both, but whether or not they’re good at both is something you need to make sure of by getting to know their processes. Website design in Toronto is everywhere, but proper website design that applies specifically to your business is hard to find.


A website is not enough. It needs to hit the mark. That way:

  • Your prospects will want to learn more about you.
  • Your prospects will turn into customers.
  • Your customers will turn into social media followers.
  • Your followers will give you links back to your website.
  • Your marketing efforts take up much less time because your customers implement word-of-mouth marketing.
  • You can then focus on much newer, interactive ways to target a wider audience and beat the competition.


The type of website design in Toronto that you should look for should include people who specialize in full-stack development, which means that they focus on:

  1. How the site looks to your visitors and how easily they interact with it (which directly impacts your visitors)
  2. How the stored data interacts with the site in order to give the visitor the right experience (which indirectly impacts your visitors)


This is front end and back end development respectively. No matter how simple your business is, you lose if you choose just one. It doesn’t make sense to only use one type of development so the best way to ensure you get a great website is if you work with a website design Toronto company that employs people who do both, together. Hiring separate developers for both will result in clashing of ideas and inefficiency.


So feel free to ask us what you need done so that we know how to provide you with the right answers!

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