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MacGregors (Oven-Control)

Electronic oven control system with digital performance tracking and custom settings

Electronic oven control system

Making use of a complex feedback loop, the control system designed for the ovens at MacGregor’s is a highly efficient one. The control system consists of many parts working in tandem. The ovens are controlled electronically through a computer interface. This centralized control is paired with safety settings that are automated. For example, an oven will only operate when the seals on the doors report themselves as being completely sealed. In the same way, doors will only open when any steam inside has been vented. All this is done automatically through complex programming procedures.

Central computer control interface

All the ovens at MacGregor’s are now controlled by a central computer interface. Before, each oven had to be turned on and operated manually. However, the new system allows this to be done automatically, with the operator using the computer to connect to and operate each oven individually or in groups. Advanced control is possible over each oven, and all settings can be changed to match the needs of the situation or the operator.

Electronic performance tracking

Prior to the integration of the new system, the only way for the MacGregor’s ovens to have their performance tracked was to have it done manually. A stylus would record the temperature and its changes over time for each oven on paper. The paper would then be stored in the filing system for reference if needed later. This led to massive storage costs and the risk of data loss due to natural or artificial disasters. Vestra’s brand-new system allows all data to be recorded by the control system and stored electronically instead. Data is duplicated and backed up elsewhere to ensure additional safety of records.

Preset custom settings library

Every recipe prepared by MacGregor’s is different and requires special settings on the oven preparing the meat. The system currently in place allows the operator to set up each recipe on the computer as a preset. All the settings for the oven in question can be tweaked and saved under a custom name. When needed, the preset can be loaded for the ovens in which the meat is being prepared. Operators no longer have to set each recipe up on each oven manually, taking up valuable time in the process.
Macgregoes Ovens
Macgregoes Ovens
Macgregoes Ovens
Macgregoes Ovens
Macgregoes Ovens

About MacGregors (Oven-Control) and background information

MacGregors, being the single largest supplier of meat in Ontario, is dedicated to serving customers better. It caters to customers in a wide range of industries including the hospitality and retail sector. It has to ensure the highest quality for its meat, or risk huge losses if it is done wrong. They have a large number of specialized ovens ready to precook all their orders.

The problem with the ovens was that everything was operated manually. Every time a batch was to be cooked, the operator would have to set each oven up for that recipe manually. This took a lot of time and effort and opened MacGregors up to the risk of human error in the setting, which would lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. In addition to this, the performance history of each oven was recorded manually using a graph paper and stylus. Hard copies were stored as history records, which was incredibly inefficient.

  • Electronic control system for ovens that uses a specialized feedback loop for safety
  • Ability to program custom settings into the system for one-click cooking in the future
  • Less errors due to no manual settings required – computer controls all ovens
  • Central computer control interface for operator to control each oven from one location
  • Oven performance recorded electronically from two sources and saved as duplicates
  • Electronic oven control system
  • Central computer control interface
  • Electronic performance tracking
  • Duplicate records for safety
  • Preset custom settings library

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