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Since its inception in 1980, Kipco Hardware has established itself as a reputed supplier of kitchen cabinet hardware in Kitchener and surrounding areas. Affiliated with some of the best hardware manufacturers in the world, such as Rev-A-Shelf, Blum, Hettich, Grass, Salice and more, the company prides itself on meeting and exceeding quality standards in their products. Apart from the impeccable product quality, Kipco Hardware has also earned a loyal customer base thanks to its excellent service. Be it before or after sales, the knowledgeable staff at Kipco Hardware always strive to deliver the best for their clientele.

Key Features
  • Custom ERP System
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting System
  • Product Catalogue
  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Receiving Desk
  • Invoicing

Being a reputed name in the hardware supplier industry, Kipco Hardware required a system to manage all aspects of its business such as inventory and supply, accounting, online presentation, purchases and sales, and more. This was made possible by crafting a full-fledged custom ERP system for the company which includes all the aforementioned components and is tailored to the unique requirements of the company.


The first feature is the inventory management system. Since the company stocks a massive inventory of different hardware products as well as its constituent parts such as brackets and screws, it required a system to keep track of their inventory. The inventory management feature, part of the broader custom ERP system, makes this possible by offering real-time updates on their stock levels, automatically upgrading their inventory levels after each purchase. Furthermore, it notifies the users about the current availability of a product, any pending backorders, and allocating specific products for a particular order. Hence, the custom ERP system offers a comprehensive and unique inventory management feature that is specifically suited to the operations of the company.


Kipco Hardware also operates a sophisticated supply chain which includes both purchase and sale. Therefore, it required a system that can keep track of these complex financial transactions. This is achieved with the addition of an accounting system, also part of the custom ERP system. Tailormade to suit the financial model of the company, this feature automatically tracks income and expenses, manages invoices effectively and even observes the broader trend of financial transactions to help make better monetary decisions in the future.


The company also required a feature to simplify online access to their numerous products. This is made possible using a product catalogue, another addition to the custom ERP system. It is a comprehensive display feature that enables the user to browse their massive collection. For instance, upon selecting a particular product, such as decorative hardware, the product catalogue displays all options available such as Blackrock, Tundra and so on. Moreover, upon selecting a particular subcategory, the catalogue will guide the user further towards individual products and finishes. Lastly, the product catalogue can also be used as a filter based on different hardware parameters such as diameter, height, width, pull type, finish and so on.


Since Kipco Hardware is a supplier affiliated with top kitchen cabinet hardware brands, the company also required a feature to accurately keep track of their purchases from various manufacturers. The custom ERP system is designed to tackle this issue with a dedicated purchase order feature that enables them to clearly outline various parameters of an order such as quantity, specifications, prices and more. 


receiving desk was also added along with the purchase order feature that helps the company keep track of their shipments and ascertain if they have received the right quantity and best quality of the products as requested. This enables them to run an efficient business relationship with international hardware manufacturers.


Apart from supplying quality cabinet hardware, the company also required a system to handle performance issues with their products if required. To mitigate this, the custom ERP system also comes equipped with a work order feature, which helps Kipco Hardware easily manage tasks that require their expertise during installation or other similar tasks. 


Lastly, since Kipco Hardware offers a wide variety of hardware products for their clientele, a tailored invoicing feature was also added to the custom ERP system, which offers detailed descriptions of individual constituents of a product, including product quantity, specifications, pricing and so on. 


Overall, to cater to the unique requirements of the company, a full custom ERP system was devised which covers inventory management, purchase orders, work orders, invoicing, product catalogue, receiving desk, accounting system and more. This helps Kipco Hardware run a comprehensive and highly organized supply chain, enabling it to expand its reach and influence in the hardware supplier sector.

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