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our projects

Set up in Mississauga, Ontario, Metro Doors & Woodworking has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of Thermoplastic MDF cabinet doors. In business for more than a decade, the company also crafts some kitchen accessories in conjunction with thermoplastic doors. With a major focus on delivering the finest MDF doors for both residential and commercial projects, Metro Doors is also keen on offering unique designs and affordable products to their ever-expanding client base. Lastly, the company also boasts a state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge edge equipment that can produce highly customized and unique designs as per customer requirements

Key Features
  • Product Configurator
  • Quotation Generation System
  • Online Ordering System
  • Production Management And Reporting
  • Invoices And Packing Slips
  • Digital Signatures
  • QR Code Generator

With a focus on crafting top-notch thermoplastic MDF doors, Metro Doors & Woodworking required a streamlined system to help the customers browse their products with ease and choose the best material, colour and design as per their requirements. This is made possible with the aid of a comprehensive product configurator which allows the user to customize the door with ease. For instance, upon clicking upon one of their collections such as Standard Collection, and a particular product, such as the 1116-1 Profile, the product configurator displays basic measurements, material, colour, and different styles offered by the company. 

Furthermore, since different collections, sizes, colours and designs vary in price, it was equally important for Metro Doors to have a feature that enabled the customer to see the price of the unit in real time. This was achieved through an excellent quotation generation system which automatically calculates the set price for a particular product and design, making sales smooth and seamless.

Once the client has utilized the product configurator and decided on the desired product and a quote has been generated, the company also needed a way to place the order online to enhance and simplify the customer experience. This was made possible via the online ordering system which automates end-to-end order placement, ensuring no errors, 24/7 access and simplification of the supply chain process, irrespective of the scale and scope of the order.

Apart from an online ordering system, Metro Doors also needed an automated system to oversee production and inventory management, along with timely reports. To this end, the production management and reporting module was added to the system. This module keeps track of various parts of the manufacturing process and connects numerous warehouses and databases to eliminate any errors and delays during production. The end result is the timely delivery of high-quality MDF doors to the customer, irrespective of quantity. Moreover, the system is sophisticated enough to handle various projects simultaneously.

Another aspect of delivering the products to the client involves generating a detailed invoice and offering details about the products. The company manages this via an invoicing and packing slip system which offers the financial fine print of the package along with details about the constituent contents of the package such as SKU number, weight, dimensions and more. The company also employs a QR code generator as a part of the packing slip to offer details in a convenient, concise and digitally secure manner. 

Lastly, to ensure the security and authenticity of data sent to the customer, the company also employs a digital signature during their transactions. To conclude, with the aid of a product configurator and other features/modules mentioned above, Metro Doors manages a streamlined supply chain resulting in excellent product quality and exceptional customer experience.


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