The founders of Mavuus realized that other marketplaces lacked the personal touch and were simply too huge to find a trusted vendor. Since they often relied on personal connections to find freelancers for an array of tasks, they decided to build a platform dedicated to finding vendors solely based on personal connections and recommendations.

The two sisters used their experience in the marketing and tech fields to come up with the innovative idea of Mavuus and make life easier for marketers and vendors.


Key Features

  • Communication portal
  • Smart recommendation algorithm
  • Advanced search func
  • Trade-based recommendations

Mavuus provides an interactive platform for marketers and vendors to connect. A flawless communication system was required to facilitate seamless communication between both parties. The communication system we developed for Mavuus enables users to add each other to their network, chat, and promptly discuss specifics of projects.

Mavuus is an online platform dedicated to finding vendors solely based on personal recommendations. A recommendation algorithm was required to suggest to users a list of trusted vendors based on ratings and recommendations of their peers. This recommendation algorithm also needed to be trade-based as Mavuus is used by vendors for searching freelancers across categories.

The recommendation algorithm and the advanced search functionality we developed for Mavuus make it easy for marketers to find and shortlist vendors. The advanced search functionality system enables marketers to search for vendors by category, location, talent, industry, and skills, thus simplifying the tedious hiring process.

The systems we developed for Mavuus are making it easier for marketing professionals to find suitable vendors. With our sound technical knowledge and flawless execution, we helped Mavuus open new doors for those in the marketing sector.


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Type of Systems Used in Project

Search Filters


Clients with large catalogues and inventory sizes required search filters to improve accessibility and the speed with which product information was retrieved. Custom search filters were built and integrated into various client systems. Multiple attributes were used to organize products and resources. In certain situations, automatically updating filters were implemented where required. Additionally, clients with administrative access could add and modify custom parameters for filters.


In situations where complex inventory structures resulted in regular search being insufficient to find items, the implementation of these search filters significantly improved the user experience. Users could select parameters to narrow down search results for faster, more accurate searches. Custom filter management allowed user-defined parameters to be set to meet unique inventory hierarchies. The integration of these search filters saved time, eliminated irrelevant results, and improved satisfaction across the board.

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User Accounts and Logins


User accounts grant controllable access to specific features within a system. Dedicated login spaces for various user types included multiple specialized features to meet specific requirements. Access control features permitted accounts with administrative access to limit users to specific information and resources within these spaces. Additionally, unique data such as resources, items, products, offers, and dedicated pricing information could be displayed within accounts.

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Automated Mailing System


Automated mailing systems improve the efficiency of communications between clients, customers and employees. Clients could automatically send quotes, promotions and more to individual customers or groups. Scheduling functionality improved organizational capabilities in large customer databases. Custom notifications informed various parties of upcoming events and promotions.


In addition to the mailing systems, internal communications were made more effective through the design of internal broadcast systems which displayed announcements and information company-wide using audiovisual technology. These systems could be used for production management, employee communication and more.

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Compatibility Advisor


Compatibility advisors display relevant results to users. During inventory searches or product assembly, predetermined filter parameters display relevant content based on the previous selection. The parameters for filters are updated either automatically upon product addition, or manually based on situational requirements. These tools were designed for multiple applications including:


Interactive product assembly and component selection: Users building products using online tools would only see content relevant to their current selection. The predefined parameters eliminate the possibility of errors in the product assembly process due to automatic filtering of incompatible items as product building progresses from one stage to the next. This ensures accuracy during the process by eliminating human involvement from item recommendations.


Inventory management and catalogue: The implementation of such advisors significantly improves the organization of products within an inventory or catalogue for added accessibility while browsing. In special circumstances (eg: North American Steel) these filters assisted in the classification of assemblies and components based on their compatibility with each other.

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