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Darta Fleet Solutions

Darta Fleet Solutions is the sister company to one of the largest vehicle electronics manufacturers in the country, D and R Electronics. It outfits fleets of emergency vehicles with the latest electronics from D&R, providing gear for police, fire, and security fleets. They have ultra-high-quality services with consulting services, great partners, and high-tech solutions.

Key Features

  • Configuration selector
  • Part compatibility advisor
  • Online ordering
  • Customizable configurations for fleet vehicle outfitting
  • Intelligent compatibility guide that matches parts to vehicles
  • Complete online order system

While Darta Fleet Solutions had a great vision, they lacked one critical feature – online ordering. Without this, clients would have to physically visit their facility or place orders over the phone. This was inefficient, and led to lowered sales volume because of the inconvenience to customers. In addition to this, personalization of a vehicle needed to include a compatibility guide for products from D&R that were matched up to client vehicles.

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Darta Fleet Solutions
Darta Fleet Solutions
Darta Fleet Solutions
Darta Fleet Solutions

Type of Systems Used in Project

Compatibility Advisor


Compatibility advisors display relevant results to users. During inventory searches or product assembly, predetermined filter parameters display relevant content based on the previous selection. The parameters for filters are updated either automatically upon product addition, or manually based on situational requirements. These tools were designed for multiple applications including:


Interactive product assembly and component selection: Users building products using online tools would only see content relevant to their current selection. The predefined parameters eliminate the possibility of errors in the product assembly process due to automatic filtering of incompatible items as product building progresses from one stage to the next. This ensures accuracy during the process by eliminating human involvement from item recommendations.


Inventory management and catalogue: The implementation of such advisors significantly improves the organization of products within an inventory or catalogue for added accessibility while browsing. In special circumstances (eg: North American Steel) these filters assisted in the classification of assemblies and components based on their compatibility with each other.

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Product Configurator


Product configuration systems allow businesses to process orders efficiently while allowing customers to build their own products. These builders are highly beneficial in improving organization and accessibility for customers, especially in situations that involve a large number of components and customizations with near-infinite permutations and combinations. This type of interactive system lets customers personalize their order at multiple points for a product and then automatically generates SKU for the final product, thus reducing errors. It also tailors quotes based on the consumer’s selection of products. Furthermore, the custom compatibility filters are applied automatically, which displays only the relevant results for the selections. This integration eliminates human interaction from the product selection process which in turn eliminates human error. Real-type visual updates to selection previews enable buyers to see the exact product that they plan on buying, leading to a significantly higher customer satisfaction rate.

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