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Miller Office Trailers

Miller Office Trailers

Miller Office Trailers is a company that provides trailers for mobile offices at construction sites and other locations. Based in Mississauga, it has over 70 years of experience in the mobile office field. It has the vision of being highly deadline oriented, providing smooth customer service, and being prompt with maintenance and customer responses.

Key Features

  • Advanced automated generation of quotes
  • Automatic PDF generator (converts requests into quotes)
  • Automatic customer information updating
  • Advanced custom quote modification
  • Accounting system integration
  • Automatic emailing of quotations to customers
  • Automated quote generator
  • Quote modification options
  • Intelligent price calculator
  • Accounting system integration
  • Automatic client mailer

In order to provide their high level of customer service, while retaining efficiency, Miller Office Trailers needed employees to spend less time on data entry and more time performing high-priority tasks. They also needed to cut expenses while providing site visitors with easy ways to obtain information about pricing and quotes based on their requirements. They also needed to tie in their orders to their accounting for easier calculations and more time saved.

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Miller Office Trailers
Miller Office Trailers
Miller Office Trailers

Type of Systems Used in Project

Price Calculator


Price calculators with advanced capabilities met unique situations where complicated calculations involving multiple variables were required. The functionality of the calculators varied based on client needs, with features like quantity-based discounts, price margin management, additional options, and real-time updates to the displayed price. These calculator tools were implemented into various client systems including product builders, online ordering systems, and assembly selection. Depending on requirements, additional functionality to set custom price margins was programmed. Additionally, personalized pricing information was displayed to individual users based on order history and other predetermined factors.


Each pricing calculator was designed to meet specific criteria for each client. These custom systems were designed to adapt to the unique needs of each business and its specialized operations, with the ability to adapt to multiple complex variables in real-time. This greatly improved user satisfaction due to immediate results when making item selections or building products online. Designed to be integrated into multiple client systems, these calculators met exact requirements in terms of customizability and functionality. Custom price margins enabled users with administrative access to define parameters such as quantity-based discounts, promotional offers, individual product price margins, and more. This resulted in a more personalized pricing information display for users.

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Online Ordering System


Development and implementation of these online ordering systems leads to seamless end-to-end order placement that significantly improves the ease of the process. Additionally, the elimination of human involvement in the ordering process reduces staffing costs, eradicates the risk of human errors, and makes the ordering systems available 24/7. Special calculator integration also drastically boosts the speed with which large, complex orders are placed and processed. The automation of this system helps reduce supply chain complexity while allowing multi-stage customizations with ease.

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PDF Generator


Modern websites have dynamic pages where the information that is displayed is generated from databases based on input from different systems such as product builders, ordering systems, e-commerce platforms, and more. However, there are situations where this data must be saved or printed. Examples of these situations include invoices, order information, shipping details, inventory data, performance statistics etc. The most common format to save the data in is PDF.


Automatic PDF generators were designed to store this unique information for later reference and put it into a more accessible format for emailing, printouts or backups. In unique situations, scanned images were converted to searchable text in PDF format to facilitate navigation through archives with large quantities of scanned information and documents.

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