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QQ Dental Centre Calendar

QQ Dental Centre Calendar

The QQ Dental Centre is a revolutionary new movement that attempts to make communication between dentists and specialists far smoother. It aims to connect doctors to specialists so that referrals can be made for patients easily. Their business approach is all about efficiency and connectivity to ensure the best possible service for their patients.

Key Features

  • Intelligent dashboard organizing consultation lists by multiple filters and categories
  • Different categories color-coded based on their status
  • Automatic calendar with updates when new consultations are added or changed
  • Custom time slot addition with option to set recurring availability for six months
  • Appointment scheduler allows custom times and dates to be set as well as availability
  • Patients can be sent automatic email confirmation when an appointment is confirmed
  • Searchable sequential database of patient information
  • Patient medical progress tracking updates
  • Document sharing system for doctors and specialists
  • Automatic document status updates

While the vision of Dental Centre was a good one, they didn’t have the organization needed to become a success. They lacked any sort of appointment and consultation management system. Doctors would schedule clashing appointments and there would be no way out. Appointments would have They would also miss appointments due to a lack of confirmation, no organization of available times, and more. There was also a deplorable lack of unique consultation appointments and no patient database to speak of.

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QQ Dental Centre Calendar
QQ Dental Centre Calendar
QQ Dental Centre Calendar
QQ Dental Centre Calendar

Type of Systems Used in Project

Appointment Management and Scheduling Software


Interactive calendars with custom features such as scheduling, notifications, and reminders significantly improve a company’s organizational capabilities. For each client, unique features are programmed as per their specific needs. Implementation of automatic reminders helps improve the reliability of upcoming event notifications, leaving no room for human error. These systems can also be customized to allow multi-channel appointment scheduling. The smart automation of the system makes sure that there are no missed appointments or mismanagement of a schedule. Calendar and appointment management offers a streamlined booking system with robust reporting.

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